Works In Progress

Web Audio Drum Synth

The Web Audio Drum Synth (WADS) generates analog-style drum sounds using various synthesis techniques with a whole bunch of tweakable parameters. I plan to eventually merge this in with Web Acid to create a web-based Groovebox style sequencer.

You can try out the Synth here and check out the source code on GitHub.


zenPop is an experiment in using a video game as an OSC controller. It is a fast-paced arcade type game whose various parameters and events (player location, score, collisions, etc) are used to generate OSC data which can be used to drive external systems. The OSC data allows gameplay to be visualized, sonified, or tracked in a variety of interesting ways. I am currently adding the various OSC hooks and other features to the game.

zenPop was made using openFrameworks. The source code can be found on GitHub.